Honolulu Airport Private Shuttle Services

Honolulu Airport Shuttle Services

Aloha! Welcome to Oahu Island!

The moment you step out of Honolulu Airport, Hawaii Car Service will be with you every step of the way. We provide the very best Honolulu Airport shuttle services, with drivers that are all professional and friendly. Whether you’re traveling alone, with your family, or with colleagues and business partners, Hawaii Car Service assures that we will drive you safely towards your destination.

If you want a Honolulu curbside car service that is ready whenever or wherever you are, book an appointment at Hawaii Car Service now. We also have a meet and greet lei service that’s waiting for you, so you can start your vacation with great hospitality and luxury.

Best Honolulu Airport Shuttle Services

Just thinking about traveling throughout Oahu Island can be very exciting, but it can get even better if you hire the right car service to take you anywhere you want to go. At Hawaii Car Service, we dedicate ourselves to giving our clients the best private and luxury car service that prioritizes their safety and comfort.

Services We Offer

Curbside Service

From Honolulu Airport pickup to a one-way road trip all over Oahu Island, Hawaii Car Service can offer a curbside private car transportation service to all customers whenever and wherever they want to go.

We make sure to offer only the best and finest local Honolulu airport shuttle services. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading directly to your hotel room after long hours of traveling, a country club you’ve been wanting to visit, or a direct meeting with your business partners; Hawaii Car Service is happy to serve you. We strive to offer you safe and private transportation where you don’t need to share a shuttle with a noisy crowd. Why accept basic airline shuttle services when you can enjoy your very own private luxury Hawaii airport limo?

At Hawaii Car Service we will be there as long as you need our help and provide you with the highest level of quality and safe services. 

Honolulu Airport Transfers

Our airport transfers are available to hotels such as the Waikiki Hotel, Halekulani Hotel, Trump International Hotel Hawaii, Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel Honolulu, Ko Olina Resort, Kahala Hotel & Resort, Turtle Bay Resort, Aulani Hotel, and Four Seasons Hotel Hawaii. We also provide limo tours on Oahu Circle Island and Pearl Harbor.

Executive & Corporate Limo Service

If you are in Hawaii to mix business with pleasure, the best way to make the most of it is to experience our first class limo service. We can provide the best and most quality corporate limo services in the whole of Hawaii.

First Class Car Service

Hawaii Car Service believes that a first-class flight deserves a first-class car service. We offer only the most superb first-class car service where you can enjoy Hawaii’s scenic views in the most relaxing and fun way possible.

Business Class Car Service

For those who are in a rush and want everything to be on time, we can offer you a service that many business people and corporate groups tend to choose. With our business class car service, we can assure you that you will arrive where you need to be without any delays.

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Our Luxury Cars

To make you choose transportation that will suit your needs here are our transportation services:

Luxury SUV Airport Transfers

    • Can accommodate one to six passengers
    • Six different luggage pieces
    • Hourly rate: $120/hour

Executive Van Airport Transfers

    • Can accommodate one to 14 passengers
    • 14 luggage pieces
    • Hourly rate: $120/hour

Meet And Greet Lei Service

If you want to receive a warm welcome the moment you step out of the airport, why not get our meet and greet lei service at Hawaii Car Service? It’s the best way to start your luxury vacation with a great “Aloha” and private service.

The lei is a traditional and well-known symbol of Hawaii and has become a custom tradition to welcome visitors to the island. Locals believe that when departing visitors would leave, they would throw their lei in the ocean just when they passed the Diamond Head and hope to return. Make your stay in Hawaii a memorable one by booking our meet-and-greet lei service to bring back this nostalgia of old Hawaii.

You can order leis in advance with flowers that suit your style and taste. Leis can vary in color, scent, season, complexity, gender, cost, and durability.

  • Upgraded leis: $15 each
  • Deluxe leis: $25 each
  • Super-deluxe leis: Above $25 each (depending on market price)

Hawaii Car Service believes that every customer deserves a quality and safe transportation service. With our 30 years of experience delivering clients to and from the airport, we know that we are the right service for you. We are available 24/7, so no matter what time your flight is, we are on standby and waiting for you with personalized and safe limo transportation! 

We can also give you a taste of the old Hawaii with fresh flower leis that will make your vacation warm and filled with hospitality. Make your stay as elegant and hospitable — as it should be — with our Honolulu airport shuttle services at Hawaii Car Service.

Why Choose Us?

Hawaii Car Service is the number one Honolulu airport shuttle service because we provide:

  • Safety: Your safety always comes first. It is our mission to deliver you to and from your destination in a safe and timely manner. We make sure that all of our drivers are licensed, insured, and healthy. We also have a responsible team of dispatchers and customer care agents that make sure that every ride is safe!
  • Premium Rides: We only want the best for our customers. That’s why we work hard in providing a premium and luxury travel experience that you will never get to experience outside Hawaii.
  • Peace of Mind: With Hawaii Car Service, you will be able to relax without any distraction, and appreciate the scenic view as you enjoy your ride towards your destination in our luxury transportations. You can take selfies, record videos, and experience Hawaii in the most stress-free and fun journey.
  • Privacy: We don’t share your experience with anyone. We make sure that our clients receive professional, caring, and discreet service, so you can do anything you want without caring about anything because we respect your privacy.
  • Priority: You are our number one priority. We will never rush you, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. We can be anything you want; your first class driver, tour guide, or even your security guard!

Ride Options

  • Honolulu Airport Rides: If you want an advanced and stress-free journey, you can book reservations with our Honolulu airport rides service.
  • Transportation Around Town: If you want to tour the whole of Oahu Island and go anywhere you want to, our services are available 24/7.
  • Hourly Limo Service: As long as you need us, we are available whenever and wherever you want us to be.

Get in Touch With the Best Honolulu Airport Shuttle Services

If you want to enjoy your vacation in Hawaii, Hawaii Car Service can offer you the best and highest-quality transportation service. From the moment you arrive at Honolulu Airport, we are already waiting for you with great hospitality. We have curbside services that can take you to any destination you want, whether it’s your hotel room, a business meeting, or even famous landmarks in Hawaii. We will make sure that you arrive at your destination safely and on time. You can also relive and enjoy the old Hawaii experience with our meet and greet lei service, where you will be welcomed with our traditional lei giving ceremony.

Hawaii Car Service has 30 years of experience driving and providing customers and tourists with quality private transportation. We have a team of experienced, well-trained, and professional drivers that can drive you to your destination with nothing in mind but your safety and comfort. You can also choose what type of transport you prefer, and we will accommodate your needs. We are available for you 24/7, so whenever you want to travel around Oahu — no matter what time it is — we will see to it that we are there as your driver and travel guide.

Make your Hawaii vacation the most memorable, stress-free, and safest trip ever with the help of our services at Hawaii Car Service. Get in touch with us now to experience the most of Hawaii!