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For over 20 years, Hawaii Car Service has been serving families, visitors, tourists, and locals with one of Oahu’s most luxurious private limo tours.

We know Hawaii. Each of our Oahu island tours provides you to experience a wide array of Hawaii’s natural beauty, history, and culture for you to enjoy, learn, and make memories in.

Our professional and knowledgeable drivers will share the Aloha spirit with you as they chauffeur you around in luxurious style, cool comfort, and safety.

You may choose a vehicle that best suits your tour needs and wants, from our luxurious sedans, SUVs, and executive sprinter vans. Whether it’ll be a private luxury limo tour for you, or with up to 11 others, enjoy the smooth ride with large windows that are perfect for your Hawaii viewing pleasure, pictures, videos, and selfies.

All of our tour services come with complimentary beverage service.

Oahu Island Limo Tours

Oahu Tour Services

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Explore and experience the Hawaiian island of Oahu!

Hawaii’s natural beauty and scenery are meant to be explored. The lush greenery, landscape, and blue pacific ocean is a natural luxury to be witnessed. Add Hawaii’s unique culture to that and you get a special place to be experienced. Experience it with us as we take you around in luxury on your very own private Oahu circle island tour.

Our Oahu Circle Island Tour is a mixture of Oahu’s world renowned sightseeing locations, history, and Hawaii culture.

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Kualoa Ranch Tour

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Hawaii Hourly Charter Tour

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Still Couldn’t Find A Perfect Tour?

Call us today at 808-926-4444 to create your own customized Oahu island tour. Choose your destinations, activities, and/or timeline of where you want to go. Or, we can advise you on other popular travel destinations.

We know Hawaii, we are Hawaii, so we can take you around to your heart’s desire.